[GE users] Experiences with pvfs2

gthomas at ForteDS.com gthomas at ForteDS.com
Tue Oct 24 23:59:37 BST 2006

I hope someone out there has experience with this or can help me with
other recommendations.
We have a cluster of 30+ SGE servers that all run jobs using a file
system mounted on a single
linux file server.  We are seeing some performance issues that I believe
are due to the limited
capability of the file server.  We have some other machines available
that we are considering using
with pvfs2 to create a distributed file server.  Does anyone have
experience with this or have other
recommendations for how to increase our file server capacity.  We may
want to increase the
number of SGE nodes to around 100, but are reluctant to make the
investment if we have a
performance bottleneck with file serving.
Gary Thomas
Senior Software Engineer
(425) 869-4227 x116
gthomas at forteds.com

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