[GE users] Assigning Sequence Numbers in the qmon cluster queue

Christopher Fasano cfasano at monm.edu
Wed Oct 25 15:27:54 BST 2006


I'm having a very strange problem and I was hoping someone might  
help.   I am trying to configure my grid to use sequence numbers to  
control the order of how slots are used.   This is because the grid  
is composed of machines of different speeds and I want to use the  
fast ones first.

I have successfully assigned sequence numbers in the hosts config  
panel using qmon and I have configured the scheduler to use sequence  
numbers.   But it doesn't seem to work--the sequence numbers seem to  
get ignored.   So I thought maybe I have to set the sequence numbers  
in the cluster queue configuration for each host.

I go to configure hosts that are part of the all.q and almost all the  
options are greyed out and locked.   If I unlock them, I can set the  
sequence number to anything that I want, but on saving, it  
immediately returns to the default value of 0.

What am I doing wrong here?   Is the cluster queue the place to  
assign sequence numbers--or is there another place?   If the cluster  
queue is the place--why don't they "stick."

Thanks in advance

Chris Fasano
Monmouth College
Monmouth, IL  61462

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