[GE users] jobs going to the different queue

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 6 23:16:28 BST 2007

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There are a variety of possible solutions to the problem.  One solution 
would be to use forced complexes.  You could define three boolean 
complexes, queue1, queue2, and queue3, and make queue2 and queue3 be 
forced.  You'd then assign each queue the appropriate complex.  When a 
user requests -l queue<n>, his job will go to that queue.  If the user 
does not request a resource, then the only queue that will accept the 
job is queue 1, because the queue1 complex is the only one that's not 

Another option would be to use queue sequence numbers, but that would 
not prevent jobs from running in queue 2 or queue 3.  It would only 
ensure that jobs that don't request a queue would get sent to queue 1 if 
it's available.  If queue 1 is full, then jobs could go to queue 2 or 
queue 3.


A listner wrote:
> Hi,
> In my cluster I have three queues  say A, B and C . I do not want any 
> one run the job I want if user does not specify " -q queue_name"  then 
> jopb should go to the queue "A" but not to the B and C.  Where do I 
> have to configure it? Please help.
> -S
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