[GE users] PE: Use Slots from Single Queue/Hostgroup

Anthony J. Ciani aciani1 at uic.edu
Wed Aug 8 01:12:34 BST 2007


I've recently added some new machines to my cluster, which have a 
different architecture and performance from the old machines.  I have 
pre-existing PEs for managing the resources (i.e. lam_24hr, lam_48hr, 
lam_96hr), and I have two host groups (i.e. @old, and @new).  Initially, I 
cloned the existing queues and modified their host groups (e.g. 24hr -> 
24hr_new).  I hoped that the scheduler would try and place parallel jobs 
on a single queue (e.g. 24hr at old OR 24hr_new at new), but it doesn't.  The 
scheduler will take slots from any queues which have the PE in their 

Sequence ordering sort of helps, but the scheduler will still overflow 
into the other queue.

Is it possible to get the scheduler to place all the tasks of a parallel 
job on a single queue (one queue or the other, but not both), without 
creating a new PE, or restricting/specifying the queue on which the job 
must run?

               Anthony Ciani (aciani1 at uic.edu)
            Computational Condensed Matter Physics
    Department of Physics, University of Illinois, Chicago

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