[GE users] "au" state in windows' queue status

Deepti Thapliyal deepti.thapliyal at progression.com
Thu Aug 16 09:19:18 BST 2007



I have configured an experimental grid engine infrastructure consisting of
only 2 linux machines at present. One is the qmaster, that is both, the
submit as well as an execution host. This qmaster is also the NFS & NIS
master. The other is however only the execution host.

Everything is working fine till here.


But now I have tried adding a windows machine ( OS : XP 2003 SE ) as an
execution host in this infrastructure. This machine is added as an NFS
client. The windows machine is however successfully added after the
following steps:

1)       Passwd of this windows' machine registered to qmaster by "sgepasswd
<username>" command,

2)       passwd & group files copied from qmaster to windows machine,

3)       SFU installed.

4)       In the Korn shell thus installed, following activities were done:

a)       Have created a symbolic link then on this windows' machine as: ln
-s /net/<IP of qmaster>/opt/sge  /opt/sge

b)       cd /opt/sge

c)       installed sge execution daemon : ./inst_sge -x

d)       ran the script settings.sh

e)       qstat -f


I have also created a queue for this windows machine in qmaster.

Now, the result of "qstat -f" shows "au" state for windows' machine queue

Have tried a lot.but could not understand the reason for this au state.




Further to this, I have also tried adding a non-SE XP in this
infrastructure. But there when i reach the step to execute inst_sge -x (
i.e., 4.c as from above )

I get the following error: 



Please help!!!


Deepti Thapliyal



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