[GE users] Dynamic multicore requests

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 24 01:06:22 BST 2007

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Have you considered using the $pe_slots setting for the PE and 
submitting your jobs with a range of 1 to 8?  That way all of the slots 
will be assigned to a single machine, and the scheduler will put the job 
on the biggest machine it can find.  If, however, only a single-core 
machine is available, it'll take that as a last resort.


John Coldrick wrote:
> 	Hi there, currently running 6.0u10 on Linux systems...
> 	We're recently started acquiring multicore systems(with 8 cores per machine) 
> that are being mixed up with older dual-cpu/single core systems.  We have an 
> application we want to run that is threaded, and the number of threads can be 
> specified(from "1" to "max").  Typically many hundreds or thousands of these 
> submissions happen at once.
> 	I'd like to maximize the render power, which to me means(for example) running 
> typically one job per system and maxing out the cores/cpus on that one task.  
> The trouble I'm running into it that while I can specify pe's or break out 
> queues, the approach appears more like a hardwired approach i.e.  a given 
> submission needs to be *defined* as wanting max cores, or perhaps 1 or 2.  If 
> I do that, then that job only runs on(say) an 8-core pe.  What would be 
> perfect is to submit the task, get some sort of feedback about the ececute 
> host it's running on("I have 5 slots open!" - an envar?), and then that value 
> is fed to the app, telling it to use 5 threads, and those slots are taken and 
> reserved by SGE.
> 	At least that's my personal take on how to do that, but I don't think that's 
> possible.  :)  Any suggestions, documentation-pointing or solutions 
> appreciated.
> 	Cheers,
> 	J.C.

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