[GE users] Logrotate for 'reporting' File

Alain Roy roy at cs.wisc.edu
Fri Aug 24 05:50:44 BST 2007

At 09:15 AM 8/24/2007 +1000, Graham Jenkins wrote:
>Chris Dagdigian wrote:
> > I think some implementations of Globus or metascheduling systems may
> > be relying on the SGE reporting file -- ..
> > Google finds this:
> > http://www-unix.globus.org/mail_archive/discuss/2006/02/msg00172.html
>That's precisely the issue!  So we're stuck with the 'reporting' file
>growing forever.
>PBS (Torque) gets around this by rotating its logfiles daily at
>midnight, so the log files for the last few days have names like:
>20070824, 20070823, 20070822
>And the Globus Schedule Event Generator for PBS is smart enough to look
>through those files.
>VDT people, do you guys have a solution for this?


The VDT team has essentially zero experience with SGE, which is a 
problem. I do believe that the Globus GRAM 4 adapter relies on the 
reporting file.

I've copied Jeff Porter on this email because he is the one who is 
fixing the Globus GRAM 4 adapter for SGE. Perhaps he'll be able to 
give some insight into the problem.


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