[GE users] Some jobs wait long time in the queue

Massimo Canonico canonico at mfn.unipmn.it
Mon Aug 27 21:19:49 BST 2007

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Reuti wrote:
> Am 27.08.2007 um 15:55 schrieb Massimo Canonico:
>> Hi,
>> I have implemented the user fairshare policy
>> *********Easy setup of equal user fairshare policy******
>>  1. Make 2 changes in the main SGE configuration ('qconf -mconf'):
>>         * enforce_user auto
>>         * auto_user_fshare 100
>>  2. Make 1 change in the SGE scheduler configuration ('qconf -msconf'):
>>         * weight_tickets_functional 10000
>> *******************sub array of tasks**************
>> but I do not like the current behavior of the scheduler.
>> In particular there is one user who has submitted 1000 jobs with a 
>> rapid response time and another user that is waiting for a resource 
>> for hours. I would like see that the user waiting in the queue gets 
>> higher priority in order  to not wait so long time.
>> How can I speed up the priority level of the users waiting in the queue?
> Are the 1000 jobs already executing? If there are still some waiting, 
> then the one job should be executed before them. Are there any special 
> resources required for this job, which need to be reserved beforehand?
No, no special requirements. In our cluster there are 12 machines, so 
the scenario is the following:
user X has submitted 1000 jobs, then user Y has submitted 1 job

the first 12 jobs of user X are running in the cluster, the other 988 
jobs are waiting for idle machines and finally the job of user Y is at 
the end of the queue.

I have observed the queue for all day, but the scheduler always selects 
the X user jobs instead of the Y's job. The Y's job keeps his priority 
equals to 0.5, while the X user jobs keep a value of about 0.535.

Now I have limited the number of job for users but this is a static 
solution and I would like to set a dynamic one.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advice,

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