[GE users] starter_methods

Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
Tue Aug 28 14:05:49 BST 2007



I have used with success the suspend_method to suspend jobs, and at the
same time identify flexlm tokens that are used and release then.


We now have an application in which when it is run it is passed a
configuration script listing all of the machine it can run on (massive


So I have a bit of a chicken and egg situation, when I submit the job to
the grid, it needs to know which machines it has been allocated :-(


I thought that the starter_method might be a solution, having access to
the $host et al parameters (like suspend_method), I get a script to
identify which machines have been allocated, and write the config file
on the fly and then launch the application: but this does not seem to
work ($host et al are no available).


Is there another way for a job being launched by the grid to have access
to which machines et al it has been allocated ?


I look forward to your combined wisdom..


Best regards


Colin Thomas




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