[GE users] Parallel environment and flexlm

Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
Thu Aug 30 12:02:05 BST 2007


We are using 6.0u9.

We have set up a parallel environment "calibre", with $pe_slots to
ensure it goes onto just one machine.

We have a job we want to reserve all 8 cpus on a machine for this job,
so we run "-pe calibre 8" (there is one slot per cpu in this queue) 9The
calibre job will multi thread on all cpus on the allocated machine).

Now we also use the oleson flexlm method, and have tokens calibrelvs and

For a 8 slot parallel job we run 

-pe calibre 8 -l calibrelvs=1,calibrehlvs=1

But it goes into pending, with 
"can not run in PE "calibre" because it only offers 0 slots".

After some debugging, we only have 7 calibrehlvs tokens. If we set "-pe
calibre 7" it will run.

This therefore implies that the number of licenses the grid is looking
for is "number in the -l" * "number of pe slots". (And also the message
seems to be misleading (perhaps)).

This is not the case though, I want just the number in the -l definition
to be consumed and no more.

I have looked at the PE definition, and see no way to tell the grid not
to multiply resources up :-(

I would be grateful of some pointers on where I might be going wrong.

I look forward to your reply.

Best regards

Colin Thomas


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