[GE users] We get "GE maintrunk" when we start the daemons

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon Dec 3 11:28:21 GMT 2007


> Hi Andy,
> A small note...
>>> - If  we execute the command 'qstat -s z' as user root, we don't see the 
>>> finished jobs, however, as user who send the job, a qstat -s z show the 
>>> finished jobs for this user.
>> This is the new 6.1 behavior. By default a user only sees his own jobs.
>> Add a '-u "*"' to the command line or add
>>    -u *
>> to the system wide or local "sge_request/.sge_request" file to se all jobs
>> by default.
> This is definitely not good for administration.
> Why it isn't configured by default that users declared as managers what do 
> see everyone else jobs?

An admin could also run the command as a normal user, so SGE wouldn't know
what to return: complete list or current user only.


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