[GE users] How to disable the qsub command ?

Wilfred Li wilfred at sdsc.edu
Mon Dec 3 13:22:18 GMT 2007

What's wrong with just disable those nodes/queues using 'qmod -d
*.q@<some <mailto:*.q@%3csome>  node>'? You can also remove them as
execution hosts.





From: Pradeilles Christoph
[mailto:christoph.pradeilles at consultant.volvo.com] 
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 6:15 PM
To: users at gridengine.sunsource.net
Subject: [GE users] How to disable the qsub command ?




When we are processing intervention/modification on some node, or on the
whole HPC cluster, we want to forbid to user the submission command
(qsub, qrsh, etc..). Is there a way to do that without killing the
'sge.qmaster' process. Currently we are just disabling the queue...


Thank you in advance.



Christophe PRADEILLES 




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