[GE users] flexlm and node-locked licences

Jan Sundermeyer jan.sundermeyer at iis.fraunhofer.de
Wed Dec 5 08:04:05 GMT 2007

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Hello Mark,

would it be possible to alter the requested number of licences after a
job is started ?
That would correspond to reality, that a job on a node locked machine
does not consume a licence ...

Best regards,

From: Olesen, Mark <Mark.Olesen at emcontechnologies.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 10:36:18 +0100
Content-Type: text/plain
Subject: [GE users] flexlm and node-locked licences

Hi Jan,

> My licence here is called tokens and it is globally set to 12, 999 for
> the node-locked server.
> 3 jobs are running, default value for tokens is 1 token per job and
> qstat -F tokens tells me that 9 tokens are left.

I was afraid of that, but does it really report 9 for the node-locked server
too? I had hoped that the GridEngine internal accounting would have noticed
that some of the complexes bound to exec host and not the global host.
Perhaps one of the SUN guys might be able to shed some light here.

> qlicserver notices that one external job is consuming a licence and
> wants to reduce the complex "tokens" to 8.
> However the three internal jobs only consume two licences and 9
> available tokens would be correct.

Actually, it should try to reduce the number of managed licenses to 11 to
account for the external job - you should see this in qlicserver output:

rc_managed   ...

> To make things even more complicated, we also have a second type of
> licence which under special circumstances is taken. Thus I would like
> qlicserver to set the number of available tokens directly to the
> number extracted from lmstat.

I think if you try this, you'll create lots of problems. This would
essential amount to saying that the number of managed licenses is equal to
the lmstat output and the current used number of node-locked. The problem
arises when the jobs using node-locked licenses stop. In the time between
then and when the next qlicserver update gets called, you risk
over-subscribing the licenses.

Perhaps you should try specifying a different resource for the none-locked
licenses. Unfortunately, I don't know if this is yet supported, but you'd
want to request -l "(lic=1|licNode=1)".

I'm also trying to think how you might use the "bundle" configuration within
qlicserver to do what you want, but haven't come up with anything yet.


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