[GE globus] [GE users] Problem sending jobs with globusrun-ws: Current job state: Unsubmitted

Esteban Freire Garcia esfreire at cesga.es
Thu Dec 6 10:30:14 GMT 2007

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Hi Otheus,

In first place, thanks for your help and I?m sorry to take a long time in
answering you.

I tested the first patch that you sent me, unfortunately, that didn?t solve
my problem.

Then, you said to me that I tried:
    Then test with SGE and send me /tmp/jobmanager-sge.log. If
/tmp/jobmanager-sge.log doesn't show up, look for a new file in
$GLOBUS_LOCATION/var (this new file will contain references "JobManager").
If you don't see a new file there, then comment out line 65, below (the one
that begins with if (!defined)) and try again.

> #
> # As required by JobManager.pm
> #
> sub new
> {
>     my $proto = shift;
>     my $description = shift;
>     my $class = ref($proto) || $proto;
>     if (!defined $description->logfile())
>     {
>       $description->logfile("/tmp/jobmanager- sge.log");
>     }
>     my $self = $class->SUPER::new($description, @_);
>     $self->log($ENV{"GLOBUS_LOCATION"});
>     bless $self, $class;
> }

The problem is that I have neither /tmp/jobmanager-sge.log nor in
$GLOBUS_LOCATION/var any log referred to SGE. Then, I tried to comment the
line that you said me but in the file "sge.pm", I didn?t find any similar
function, and in the
the most similar that I found and not on the line 65 is:
sub new
    my $class = shift;
    my $self = {};
    my $description = shift;

    $self->{JobDescription} = $description;

    #parse the XML blob that is the extensions element in the job description
    if ($description->xml_extensions())
        new Globus::GRAM::ExtensionsHandler($class, $description);

        open(FH, '>>'. $description->logfile());
        $self->{log} = *FH;

    bless $self, $class;

    $self->log("New Perl JobManager created.");
    eval { File::Path::mkpath($self->job_dir(), 0, 0700); };

    if ($@) {
        $self->log("Couldn't create job dir");

    return $self;

Therefore, I didn?t known as to do to apply the second change, I suppose
that we are using different versions. Please, let me know that I?m doing
bad. Thanks for your time.


> The sge.pm module is not properly coded. It should be invoking the
> SUPER method of the JobHandler class in order to turn on Globus logging
> within this module, but it does not do this. If it did this, we could
> see what's happening within the SGE module.
> I provided Esteban a patch to hard-code the value of the log file, to
> make sure something got logged.
> Esteban?

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