[GE users] Spurious errors with checkpointing

Ruppert dieter_ruppert at siemens.com
Mon Dec 10 11:00:01 GMT 2007

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>> ...
>>> what checkpointing enviroment did you setup? Can you try to use
>>> another signal, which is not used by SGE already for other tasks?
>> The checkpointing environment is set up as follows:
>> ckpt_name          test_migr
>> interface          APPLICATION-LEVEL
>> ckpt_command       NONE
>> migr_command       kill -USR1 -$job_pid
>> restart_command    NONE
>> clean_command      NONE
>> ckpt_dir           /tmp
>> signal             NONE
>> when               xsr
>> Any recommendations what signal to use instead of USR1? I was not  
>> aware
>> that USR1 is used by Gridengine internally.
>well, not really internally but for, but it's used as a warning  
>before a sigstop if you request -notify (unless redefined in the SGE  
>setup). One additonal option: instead of just one string which will  
>be executed with the kill command: specify a script containing the  
>sigusr1 and maybe a real sigkill a few seconds/minutes later. If  
>sigusr1 is caught by the application, the job will never get killed  
>otherwise. You could even put some diagnostic echo messages in this  
>script to check, whether the script is really executed too early.

We do not use -notify (job submission is done via wrapper scripts
exclusively, and these do not set -notify), so I assume that USR1 
is safe to use. One of the processes which constitute a job intercepts
this and does a cleanup and a clean termination of all processes
involved. The signal goes, therefore, to the whole process group.

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