[GE users] Dynamic priority ?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Dec 14 10:44:05 GMT 2007


Am 14.12.2007 um 10:55 schrieb Xavier Beaudouin:

> I have a small grid that have just about 14 CPUs :)
> Problem I have is that there is several users that submit thousands  
> of job and some users that submit about one job per week at max...
> I'd like that priority to be dynmicly changed to people that submit  
> jobs inversly proportionnal of number ob job currently in queue.
> Example :
> I have a qquota ok :
> {
>    name         peruser_lim
>    description  Per user limits to 7 Slots
>    enabled      TRUE
>    limit        users {*} to slots=7
> }
> A user1 and user2 sends 2000 jobs in queue, so there is no nodes  
> availables because we have 14 CPU that are 100% used with this 2  
> users.
> A user3 that send just a job arrive and send a job.
> I'd like that this user's job have to send to one available slot as  
> soon as possible when there is one free slot (for example when one  
> of user1 or user2 job has finished).
> I do the manualy with qalter and change the priority of the job,  
> but it should be nice if this can be done manualy.


-- Reuti

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