[GE users] SGE capability question

Dan McMahill dmcmahill at NetBSD.org
Fri Dec 14 12:51:02 GMT 2007

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I've been reading various docs and am a bit overwhelmed.  Before I go 
further, I have a basic question about capability.

We have SGE deployed and I use qsub to submit jobs all the time.  qstat 
to check on jobs, and qdel to remove them from the queue.  So far the 
jobs have been fairly self contained.  But now I'm interested in writing 
a short program probably in perl (but ruby or maybe just /bin/sh would 
be ok) that has a way of submitting jobs and monitoring their status. 
Is this something SGE can easily do?  If so, what documents should I be 
reading to get going?

If I were just writing my script for a multi-processor machine, I'd just 
use fork/join to keep N jobs running at a time and monitor their status 
with the parent process, but I'm not sure how to do that with grid 
engine.  In other words, I can make my program submit all of these jobs 
to the queue, but I don't know how to automatically monitor the results 
of the job short of some hacks where I have a file in a shared file 
system that I monitor.

The application is running the same calculation (which is done via an 
external program that may run for hours at a time) for different sets of 
input parameters and after all jobs have completed, assembling the 
results.  Actually it would be neat if results were assembled as each 
piece completed so I could get a partial picture along the way.


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