[GE users] PE's and wildcards

Todd.Henderson at L-3Com.com Todd.Henderson at L-3Com.com
Fri Dec 14 22:05:06 GMT 2007

As we've expanded our cluster we've ended up with mixed nodes and a PE
for each type of nodes.
For a given job, we may need 4 slots if it is running in one PE or maybe
8 slots if it is running in the other PE.  Currently, when I'm
submitting jobs I kind of balance things my self by submitting N jobs to
this PE and M jobs to another PE with the appropriate number of slots
requested for each type of PE.  But if one empties before the other, I
have computers setting idle and I have to go dell waiting jobs, edit the
script and resubmit.  I'd like to be able to do something like the
wildcard for the PE, but have slots selected based on which PE it goes
into.  I'd like to be able to specify a list of acceptable PE's and the
slots that would be required for each PE, somethng like this:
#$ -pe mach1:4,mach2:8,mach3:2
where mach1, mach2, and mach3 are each a defined PE.  When the job
starts, if it goes into mach1, I want it to have 4 slots, likewise if it
goes to mach2, it needs 8 slots, etc.
Is anything like this possible?
Thanks in advance and sorry if I didn't explain this very well.

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