[GE users] PE's and wildcards

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon Dec 17 13:39:44 GMT 2007


yes, you can use wildcard PEs in all SGE releases since 4.something


      -pe parallel_environment n[-[m]]|[-]m,...
           Available for qsub, qsh, qrsh, qlogin and qalter only.

           Parallel programming environment (PE)  to  instantiate.
           The  range  descriptor behind the PE name specifies the
           number of parallel processes to be run. N1 Grid  Engine
           will  allocate  the appropriate resources as available.
           The sge_pe(5) manual page  contains  information  about
           the definition of PEs and about how to obtain a list of
           currently valid PEs.
           You can specify a PE name which uses the wildcard char-
           acter,  "*".   Thus  the  request "pvm*" will match any
           parallel environment with  a  name  starting  with  the
           string "pvm". In the case of multiple parallel environ-
           ments whose names match the name string,  the  parallel
           environment with the most available slots is chosen.
           The range specification is a list of range  expressions
           of the form "n-m", where n and m are positive, non-zero
           integers.  The form "n" is equivalent  to  "n-n".   The
           form  "-m"  is  equivalent  to "1-m".  The form "n-" is
           equivalent to "n-infinity".  The range specification is
           processed  as  follows:  The  largest  number of queues
           requested is checked first. If  enough  queues  meeting
           the  specified  attribute  list  are available, all are
           allocated. If not, the next smaller number of queues is
           checked, and so forth.
           If additional -l options are present, they restrict the
           set of eligible queues for the parallel job.


> Daniel Templeton wrote:
>> Todd,
>> You can wildcard the resource request, but not the PE.  You might be able 
>> to work out some kind of epilog or starter method that can look for the 
>> job's evil twin and delete it before the job runs, letting you submit the 
>> same job with different requirements and make sure that only one runs.
> Are you sure about that?  I could have sworn that you could use wildcards in 
> PEs at one point, perhaps in the 5.3 series.  This was really useful for 
> having two PEs that covered different groups of compute nodes, across two 
> physical switches, for example.
> <rummage, rummage>
> AH!
> http://gridengine.info/articles/2006/02/14/grouping-jobs-to-nodes-via-wildcard-pes

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