[GE users] run time intel compiler library libsvml not found

SLIM H.A. h.a.slim at durham.ac.uk
Wed Dec 19 15:24:02 GMT 2007


We have a problem with submitting jobs that start an executable compiled
with the Intel fortan compiler.

The error message at run time is this:

"error while loading shared libraries: libsvml.so: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory"

In attempts to solve this I tried the following in the job script:

1) ldd on the exe => ok, all libraries are resolved
2) print value of LD_LIBRARY_PATH => ok, includes the directory to the
intel lib path
3) added #$ -V => no effect
4) added #$ -S /bin/tcsh as this is the shell the script is run from.

A final possibility might be to link with -rpath, but first impression
is that does not work either.

Is anyone familiar with this problem and, hopefully, knows a solution?

Thanks in advance


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