[GE users] Share tree precendence

Daire Byrne Daire.Byrne at framestore-cfc.com
Fri Dec 21 15:52:42 GMT 2007

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I'm looking to implement a system whereby project "limits" are controlled by the share tree policy and all users, by default, get an equal share within their project (weight=1). Now say you want to alter the priority (share) of individual jobs within a project using the Urgency policy (weight=0.1). The thing I'm not clear on is if I increase the urgency of some user's job doesn't the more powerful share-tree (ticket) policy notice the user's higher usage and effectively penalise him/her such that the Urgency priorities become less important than the share-tree policy's influence? So you may get a short period of increased CPU usage but eventually the share-tree policy will override this and try to assert the fair share? So how can you effectively prioritise jobs within the share-tree policy predictably for their lifetime?

Basically doesn't the fair-share policy try to correct for the CPU usage prescribed by the urgency or posix policies? And if you want project limits to be all important (weight) doesn't the share-tree policy work against the other two policies such that over time it is the only one that has any lasting effect?

Maybe what I need is to use the share-tree to enforce projects shares but enforce equal user shares using the functional policy?


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