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Fri Feb 2 04:08:43 GMT 2007

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Hi peers

I have configured a compute grid running for various MCAE Solver's, Everything is working fine in my grid, Now i want to enable mail notification while submitting a job user. Mail should be delivered to defined recipient at the end of job. 

I have configured Sendmail SMTP Relay on My Qmaster Server. I have also tested this with root and normal user account, mails are going out to internet mailids.This is working perfectly fine. 

I have also tried and tested to send mail notification at the end of job to specified mail ids. qsub & job submission GUI is seems to be accepting my inputs but not doing anything, Neither i get any mail on my specified mail id nor i will get any new mail record entries in /var/log/maillog.

I have also tried to modify GRID global value "Mailer"  /bin/mail , /usr/sbin/sendmail.

Please suggest how i can enable grid qmaster to send mail notification to users

Thanks and Regard
Deval Kulshrestha

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