[GE announce] Announcing Grid Engine 6.1 Preview 2 Binaries

Roland Dittel Roland.Dittel at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 2 12:29:22 GMT 2007

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            Announcing Grid Engine 6.1 Preview 2 Binaries
              Regensburg, Germany -- February 02, 2007

Grid Engine 6.1 Preview 2 courtesy binaries are now ready for download.

Grid Engine 6.1 will be the next step in the evolution of the Grid
Engine software. This release will help administrators to better manage
access to computational resources in a cluster and continues to improve
its excellent scalability in large clusters with a huge amount of jobs.

This preview release is feature complete. A Beta program is planned to
be started in February 2006.

The courtesy binaries are available at


The corresponding source code tags in the "gridengine" and "arco"
project CVS repositories have the name


A snapshot of the sources is available at the Documents & files page


A list of fixed problems since SGE 6.1preview1 is available at


New functionality delivered with this SGE 6.1preview2 release:

     * the complex string attributes (CSTRING, STRING, RESTRING, HOST)
       has been enhanced to allow regular boolean expressions for
       wildcards or patterns. The new syntax is defined in the
       sge_types(1) man page and examples can be found in complex(5).
     * enhanced Resource Quota dynamic limit syntax to allow constant
       summands. The new syntax for a dynamic limit is


     * changed Resource Quota expanded list format from backquotes
       '`expanded_list`' to the more "shell-like" use of
     * the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH is no longer set for
       Solaris and Linux by the Grid Engine settings.[c]sh file. Instead
       the dynamic library path is determined at runtime.
     * new switch "-wd" for qsub, qalter, qsh, qrsh and qmon to specify
       the job working directory.
     * MySQL support for the Grid Engine Accounting and Reporting Console
     * support for FreeBSD at source code level
     * various qmon usability improvements provided by Hin-Tak Leung

New functionality delivered with the SGE 6.1preview1 release:

     * Resource Quotas allow to limit the maximum number of running jobs
       per user, user group, projects on arbitrary resources like queues,
       hosts, memory, software licenses. A firewall-like rule syntax
       allows an unprecedented flexibility in defining Grid Engine
       Resource Quotas (RQ). The man pages qquota(1),
       sge_resource_quota(5) and qconf(1) describe the new functionality.
       The design of the Resource Quotas can be found here

     * the Grid Engine Accounting and Reporting Console (ARCo) is now
       part of the open source project and included with the courtesy
     * support for Apple Mac OS X on the x86 platform
     * support for Linux on Itanium (IA64)
     * a Solaris 10 DTrace script supports monitoring and helps to do a
       bottleneck analysis
     * with the help of our community members job online usage is now
       supported for Apple Mac OS X, IBM AIX and HP HP-UX
     * for developers an early access to a Java API (JGDI) is part of the
       courtesy binary distribution

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