[GE users] How to enable Windows Support in existing grid.

deval74 at yahoo.com deval74 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 6 09:04:04 GMT 2007

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Whenever i try to execute sgepasswd for any user its giving me segmentation falt message. i am not able to register windows users in SGE.
I have also tested with qmaster server restart. still segmentation fault is there.


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Hi Marco
Thanks for the reply
I have used the information provided by you to configure Windows workstation asexecution host. i have created a separate queue for windows hosts, its giving healthy status for execution hosts. 
But now i am trying to submitt a job to it and my job is failing because of following message

" died through signal SEGV (11)"
Please suggest how we can resolve this isssue.

Best Regard

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yes this i possible. There will be a document for this procedure in 
future docs.
But doing the following steps will solve your problem!

1. copy windows binraies to $SGE_ROOT
2. qconf -mconf -> find sexsecd_params -> set execd_params to 
3. $SGE_ROOT/util/sgeCA/sge_ca -init -days 365 (windows support need csp 
4. In case of a csp installation: $SGE_ROOT/util/sheCA/sge_ca -user 
5. qconf -ah <new_win_host(s)>
6. copy certificates to each windows host
7. run execd installation on new windows execd hosts


deval74 at yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi
> I have a fine running grid of few Linux execution hosts, Qmaster is 
> also a linux server. I have installed this grid environment without 
> any MS-windows support or
 enablement. Now i want to add few Windows-XP 
> server as Execution hosts in my grid.
> I am not able to trace out a method to do the same. Can i enable this 
> same grid for supporting windows executions hosts, without re-install 
> of Grid Qmaster. How to ?
> Thanks and regard
> Deval Kulshrestha
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