[GE users] Re: License accounting - same IP only uses one?

Daire Byrne Daire.Byrne at framestore-cfc.com
Thu Feb 8 10:34:01 GMT 2007

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First of all may I thank you for your flicserver scripts - I looked at them yesterday and had it up and running as expected in minutes. Great work! We don't need to use the munge_license() function because our license server does correctly report one license in use for multiple instances on the same host. So I can run ten instances of the package on my machine and FlexLm reports that I have one license checked out for this host. Unfortunately our batch jobs which also use some of these licenses go through another Qing system which slightly complicates matters - but as SGE doesn't have the ability to count license per host/queue are always going to have to use your flicserver idea. The problem I see is that if I start two interactive jobs on my localhost through SGE and use lic=1 for each SGE thinks I have 2 licenses out. Now your flicserver corrects for this and updates the overall count so that others can use the available licenses. However when I close one of my instances SGE's counter gets incremented by one even though I havn't actually released my license yet. If another scheduling run occurs before flicserver updates the complex then another Q'd intercative job will attempt to run and get a license error.

Perhaps if flicserver always ran in step with scheduling runs (ie right before) then this race condition wouldn't exist? I hope my description of the problem is a little clearer now? Thanks for your feedback!


----- "Mark Olesen" <Mark.Olesen at arvinmeritor.com> wrote:
> > Actually on second thoughts this doesn't work between users. So if
> > userA submits with lic=0.1 and userB submits with lic=0.1 then the
> > globally lic=1 instead of lic=2. Does anyone know how achieve what
> I'm
> > trying to do? Licenses should only be counted per host (not per
> > instance) but overall be globally available.
> From your description, I'm still not sure about the license usage
> patterns.
> If the host-based license accounting is limited to interactive use,
> then you
> could just bypass the GridEngine and use these licenses directly. The
> qlicserver license management will catch this as "external" usage and
> reduce
> the number of managed resources accordingly.
> Within the qlicserver, you might need to adjust the munge_licenses()
> function to collapse all license usage from one machine together, but
> that
> depends on what the license server is reporting.
> If you need the same mechanism for batch jobs (with the GridEngine),
> the
> implementation will become a bit more complicated. BTW: you might even
> find
> the limiter within qlicserver to be useful. With it, you can prevent
> batch
> jobs from stealing all the licenses.
> /mark
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