[GE users] How to enable Windows Support in existing grid.

Harald Pollinger Harald.Pollinger at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 9 12:39:11 GMT 2007

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sneumann wrote:
> On Fr, 2007-02-09 at 10:13 +0100, Marco Donauer - SUN Microsystems
> wrote:
> ...
>>>>>> 6. copy certificates to each windows host
>>> Where do I put the certificates ?
>>> I have copied the qmaster:/var/sgeCA to the exec host 
>>> as msbivmxp:/var/sgeCA owned by MSBI (the user running the binaries)
>>> On the linux qmaster I have done "sge_ca -copy" 
>>> for the users sge and MSBI
> ...
>> Steffen did you copy the cert files to the execd hosts?
> Again, where do I put which files ? I have the same /var/sgeCA 
> on both machines, and the sge_ca -copy for the user MSBI on qmaster

That's ok, the directory must be /var/sgeCA/port1072 everywhere, it must 
look exactly the same everywhere, i.e. ownership and permissions must be 
the same, groups don't matter. Just look at the Linux host where you 
created the keys and make sure the same owners and permissions are set 
everywhere - whereas the Linux user 'root' equals the Windows user local 
'Administrator', of course.

> I know a little about the public key concept, but I am lacking 
> some of the sge specifics, qmaster complains about MSBI credentials,
> so I assume there was some challenge-response conversation:
> 1) the windows:execd has sent the challenge signed with 
>    its Key using C:\Docs and Settings\MSBI\.sge\port1072\default\private

Where can you see this? What component does print this?
Why doesn't it read the keys from /var/sgeCA? Even the Windows execd 
doesn't use Windows pathes, but Unix pathes.

> 2) the qmaster process has tried to verify the key in 
>    qmaster:/var/sgeCA/port1072/default/userkeys/MSBI 
>    and did not succeed.
> Is that roughly correct ? Any way to get more debugging on the reason 
> for "request for user MSBI does not match credentials for connection"?

In principle it is correct, but the execd should read it's keys from 

> I have provided the MSBI windows password, and it shows in 
> cat qmaster:/vol/sge/default/common/sgepasswd
> MSBI 0080c....

This has nothing to do with sgepasswd, the information from sgepasswd is 
needed only for job start.


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