[GE users] no suitable queues

Andreas Haupt ahaupt at ifh.de
Mon Feb 12 14:50:44 GMT 2007


I'm experiencing problems with job verification when complexes are 
requested that are determined by a load sensor (GE 6.0u9):

[fuchur] ~ % qrsh -w w -l tmp_free=1G
warning: no suitable queues
Last login: Thu Jan  4 15:56:07 2007 from fuchur.ifh.de
Scientific Linux SL release 3.0.8 (SL)
Kernel: 2.4.21-47.0.1.ELsmp #1

[heliade3] ~ %

As you can see, there is a free node available. On the web I've found the 
following explanation:

Possible cause  The message error: no suitable queues results from the -w 
e submit option, which is active by default for interactive jobs such as 
qrsh. Look for -w e on the qrsh(1) man page. This option causes the submit 
command to fail if the sge_qmaster does not know for sure that the job is 
dispatchable according to the current cluster configuration. The intention 
of this mechanism is to decline job requests in advance, in case the 
requests can't be granted.

Possible solution  In this case, mem_free is configured to be a consumable 
resource, but you have not specified the amount of memory that is to be 
available at each host. The memory load values are deliberately not 
considered for this check because memory load values vary. Thus they can't 
be seen as part of the cluster configuration. You can do one of the 

     * Omit this check generally by explicitly overriding the qrsh default 
option -w e with the -w n option. You can also put this command into 
     * If you intend to manage mem_free as a consumable resource, specify 
the mem_free capacity for your hosts in complex_values of host_conf by 
using qconf -me hostname.
     * If you don't intend to manage mem_free as a consumable resource, 
make it a nonconsumable resource again in the consumable column of 
complex(5) by using qconf -mc hostname.

Unfortunately neither of this statements explains my problems as tmp_free 
is not a consumable complex but provided by a load sensor:

[fuchur] ~ % qconf -sc | egrep '(^#|tmp_free)'
#name               shortcut   type        relop requestable consumable default  urgency
tmp_free            tf         MEMORY      <=    YES         NO         0        0

How can I switch on job verification at submit time using this setup?

Thanks in advance

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