[GE users] qmake problem: tasks all run on same host

Thomas Junier Thomas.Junier at medecine.unige.ch
Tue Feb 20 16:17:57 GMT 2007

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Hi !

It seems that qmake does not send jobs to my execution hosts.

I have a submit/master host (which doubles as an execution host), and 15 
other execution hosts.

I have a makefile with 10 independent tasks (details below). When I run 
qmake -j, they are run in parallel, but on the submit host only. I was 
expecting the grid engine to distribute the tasks to the other execution 
hosts as well, at least as soon as the submit host is too busy.

Of course, this means that most of my execution hosts are not being 
used, which is not quite what I wanted :-)

What I did:
 * checked with qhost that all execution hosts are up and running
 * checked that qrsh  doesn't report problems of any kind (e.g. qrsh 
hostname works)

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,

Th. Junier


OS: SuSE Linux 9.3
Grid Engine: n1ge6_0u8

Makefile (this is in fact a test Makefile, designed to check if the jobs 
are being distributed). The tasks do nothing useful, they just print the 
host they run on and run a script that just loops for some time to keep 
CPUs busy.

-------------------- Begin Makefile -------------------


all: task1 task2 task3 task4 task5 task6 task7 task8 task9 task10
        @echo "Making all on `hostname`"

        @echo "Task1 on `hostname`"
        ./waste.sh ${TIME}

        @echo "Task2 on `hostname`"
        ./waste.sh ${TIME}

# tasks 3-9 not shown to save space

        @echo "Task10 on `hostname`"
        ./waste.sh ${TIME}

------------------- End Makefile -------------------

------------------- Begin waste.sh -----------------
for i in $(seq 1 $NUM); do echo $i > /dev/null  ; done
------------------- End waste.sh -------------------

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