[GE users] qstat help with lost computers

Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com
Tue Feb 20 23:16:11 GMT 2007

I have sge 6.9 running on a number of different computer networks.  One of 
these networks had the physical computers moved to a different room, which 
apparently has inadequate A/C, so a random number of machines go down at 
random times.  I am interested in only know what is actually running at 
the moment, but if box9 goes down, the qstat command simply shows a job is 
running on box9.  It seems like the qstat -qs a will tell me what is in an 
alarm state, but is there a way to see just what is running?   In this 
example, box9 would not even show up in the list of running jobs.

Also, the web page shows that for the qs flag, one has several  options 
{a|c|d|o|s|u|A|C|D|E|S}, but it doesn't explain what they are or where to 
find out what they are.  I think that they are:
a - alarm
c - calendar
d - disabled
o - ?
s - suspended
u - unknow?

and not sure of what the Caps mean.

Brett Grant

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