[GE users] comlib errors with qmaster installation

Jeevan Kumar Ramakrishna Jeevan.Ramakrishna at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 22 06:47:25 GMT 2007

Hi all,
I am trying to install the Grid Engine 6 u9 on my ubuntu 6.06 /i586 machine. The errors I get during the installation are.
Grid Engine qmaster and scheduler startup

Starting qmaster and scheduler daemon. Please wait ...
   starting sge_qmaster

sge_qmaster didn't start!
Please check the messages file

   starting sge_schedd
error: commlib error: can't connect to service (Connection refused)
error: getting configuration: unable to contact qmaster using port 536 on host "univ-iec-laptop"
error: can't get configuration from qmaster -- backgrounding

Here is the contents of the messages file.
02/22/2007 06:57:23|qmaster|univ-iec-laptop|I|read job database with 0 entries in 0 seconds
02/22/2007 06:57:23|qmaster|univ-iec-laptop|I|qmaster hard descriptor limit is set to 8192
02/22/2007 06:57:23|qmaster|univ-iec-laptop|I|qmaster soft descriptor limit is set to 8192
02/22/2007 06:57:23|qmaster|univ-iec-laptop|I|qmaster will use max. 8172 file descriptors for communication
02/22/2007 06:57:23|qmaster|univ-iec-laptop|I|qmaster will accept max. 99 dynamic event clients
02/22/2007 06:57:23|qmaster|univ-iec-laptop|I|starting up 6.0u9
02/22/2007 06:57:23|qmaster|univ-iec-laptop|W|can't open sequence number file "jobseqnum": for reading: No such file or directory -- guessing next job number

I am trying to put together a demo for some univ student. 
Any help is much appreciated.

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