[GE users] One slot per host, or a way to consume all slots

FL lengyel at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 16:26:51 GMT 2007

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I'm running SGE 6.0u7 on a linux cluster; the OS is  RHEL 4.

We have Gaussian G03 computational chemistry jobs that
should have the following property with respect to SGE:
if a G03 job is running on a node, then it should be the ONLY
job running on that node.  It's not enough for there to be
other (unrelated) suspended jobs on the node: making every
"non-Gaussian" queue subordinate to a "Gaussian" queue
won't be satisfactory (we've tried this and it tends to starve
the G03 jobs).

I know that one way to ensure that G03 is the only job running
on a node if it is running is to set the number of slots per host to one
(I could use a reference for this). However, that limits the usefulness
of the node for jobs that can coexist with other jobs.

is there a way to ensure that if a job in a certain queue
runs, then it consumes all the available slots? Or is there a better
way to ensure that if a job of a certain type is running on a node,
it is the only job running there?


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