[GE users] How to configure SGE to run Distributed Ansys jobs

deval74 at yahoo.com deval74 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 24 10:31:45 GMT 2007

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Dear Andy
Thank You very much for showing your intrest in my Issue.

With your hints i have been able to resolve this issue, and able to prepare a workable scripts for the same.

Its based on following logic

I have captured Nodename and processor count from SGE($PE_HOSTFILE) and than converted tham into a Ansys compatible string. I have tested this with few test scenario and its working fine.

Best Regard

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On Fri, 9 Feb 2007, deval74 at yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi
> I have a running Linux Cluster, I want to run distribute ansys jobs on this, but ansys batch command is always expect to have machinname:processes count.
> ansys100 -pp -dis -b -machines machine1:2:machine2:2machine3:2 < input file > output file.
> i want to create a script for this to capture two values at qsub (one would be node count and process count on each CPU) and than capture actual hosts allocated to execute job, than create a string which can be passed to ansys.

Hi Deval,

I'd be glad to advise. I put my view and my reply to


as your topic certainly is of interest for more users.

I suggest we continue issues resolution at the @users mailing list and
try to update our Wiki along the way to summarize our findings.

Best regards,

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