[GE users] apache, grid engine and cgi

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Tue Feb 27 16:36:12 GMT 2007

We do this all the time (SGE jobs submitted as the 'www' user via  
perl CGI's ...)

A random thought that may help ...

Having tons of jobs on the cluster running as user "www" can be  
difficult on the resource allocation policy, especially if you are  
trying for a fairshare-by-user behavior. One thing that we've done in  
the past is to create SGE project objects that are named after  
specific users. Then, the perl script running as user 'www' adds the  
"-P <usernam>" parameter to the qsub argument. The end result is that  
we can do per-user resource allocation simply by getting our project  
based resource allocation policies working correctly. Using project  
objects is also helpful if your web users do not actually have unix  
user accounts on the system in question.

I haven't seen a general perl module for qsub, it would be  
interesting to see. In practice though its not all that hard to get  
the CGI/qsub interaction working.


On Feb 27, 2007, at 11:13 AM, Davide Cittaro wrote:

> Hi there, some people here are planning to develop a cgi perl  
> script for their purposes. This script launches long analyses on  
> some files and they would like to use a batch queue. Since  
> everything here is running with sge (607 and 608), I've told them  
> to read the sge docs.
> Now I have to care about some "best practices":
> 1- since the cgi script will submit a job to sge, is it safe to add  
> the www (or httpd or apache2...) user to sge users?
> 2- since the perl script has to call "qsub", are you aware of a  
> perl module that can do this? I would prefer to avoid "system"  
> command at all...
> Thanks
> d
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> e-mail: davide.cittaro at ifom-ieo-campus.it
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