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Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 27 18:50:48 GMT 2007

On Tue, 27 Feb 2007, Lydia Heck wrote:

> I find the following
> ob-ID  prior   nurg    urg      rrcontr  wtcontr  dlcontr  name       user         state submit/start at      deadline           queue                          slots ja-task-ID
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  21207 0.00531 0.00312     8336     1000     7336        0 SliceFoF   rcrain       r     02/27/2007 10:27:45                     cordelia.q at m2078                   1 9
>  19486 0.04680 0.41803   179586   128000    51586        0 DEFL25N512 caius        r     02/25/2007 16:30:19                     cordelia.q at m2090                 128
> And I am puzzled. I never did configure for urgency and deadlines.

Great! This means you never had to worry about it due to reasonable defaults :-)

Anyways. The the 'wtcontr' column I really can't explain except by 
suspecting you are using a non-zero "weight_waiting_time" with the old 

As for the 'rrcontr' you need to run

   # qstat -r

as to figure out what resources caused it. Though it seems only the 'slots'
resource got an urgency value, but there might be others. You can check
by doing

    # qconf -sc
    #name               shortcut   type        relop requestable consumable default  urgency
    arch                a          RESTRING    ==    YES         NO         NONE     0
    calendar            c          RESTRING    ==    YES         NO         NONE     0

and see what you got configured in the 'urgency' column.

As for getting the point of all this you should read through man page
sge_priority(5). There you'll find anything that plays into Grid Engine 
pending jobs priority.


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