[GE users] SGE questions

john.li at mindspeed.com john.li at mindspeed.com
Wed Feb 28 18:45:00 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I'm new to SGE and trying to deploy SGE to replace LSF.    I have a few 
questions and
hopefully someone could help out.

1.   For   V61Beta,  I defined the following resource quota set for a 
cluster queue.

   name         testq
   description  "QUEUE testq resource quotas"
   enabled      TRUE
   limit        queues {testq} to slots=8
   limit        users {*} queues {testq} to slots=16

The idea is to set up two limits for the cluster queue,   maximum jobs 
allowed for
the entire cluster queue,  16 in this case.   And the maximum jobs allowed 
per user,
8 slots.    But this doesn't seem to work.  Looks like the first 'limit' 
is used and the next one is ignored. (?)     Any suggestions?

2.  In my envionrment, we'd like to generate files with permission 664. 
the umask=022 are hard-coded in the source code.   Is there anything that 
I could do
to over-write this umask?  Or I have to change the source code and 
re-build the package?

3.  It seems that if I use -b y in the qsub  command, I MUST specify the 
full path
for the binary executable or it is in the current working directory.   SGE 
use the $PATH variable to locate the binary executable.   But SGE will use 
to locate a script if I use -b n for a script.   Is there a reason for 
this behavior?

I have more questions, but this is good for now.  :-)    Someone,  please 

Best regards,


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