[GE users] determining when a mpirun has succeeded and failed

Adam Bruss adam.bruss at staarinc.com
Tue Jul 3 22:15:05 BST 2007

I have SGE setup on a cluster and I can run commands from scripts like the
one below with success.

As of now I can't tell if the mpirun has succeeded or failed without looking
at the output file created by SGE with the mpirun information. Is there a
way I can use the exit_status in SGE accounting to capture a
'success/failure' error code so I know if a mpirun job has failed or



let i=0

while [ $i -lt 1 ]


        qsub -N dfem -b y -V -pe mpi 1 "mpirun -D -c 1 dfem -type rf3p

        let i=i+1


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