[GE users] SGE 5.3 & qsub -l `whoami`

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Thu Jul 5 09:46:09 BST 2007


simple answer - upgrade to SGE 6.1 and use the resource quota feature and 
define the following rule:

    name        jpu
    description limit the maximum number of jobs per user to 15 slots
    enabled     TRUE
    limit       users {*} to slots=15

In 5.3 and 6.0 you need to rely on the cooperation of your users.


> Hi all,
> we're still running SGE 5.3 as it works for like 3 years now.
> We have limited resources for 15 nodes (each user), we have in "Complex
> Configuration" a 'Complex' called "users" with all the users and
> in "Consumable/Fixed Attributes" for each user a value of "15", so to
> increase or decrease node's limits just changing this value will do it (or
> qconf -me global).
> As the formerly admin made a script that sets variables and calls qsub, none
> of the users use "qsub" directly. This scripts calls qsub with (besides other
> parameters)
> qsub -l `whoami`=1
> so this works, but if someone just uses qsub without "`whoami`" it won't count
> as it's consuming resources, so its possible to use as many nodes as they
> want.
> running:
> qsub -l `whoami`=1
> qstat -F |grep gc|grep username
> shows the user is consuming resources so its counting.
> If I don't set "whoami", SGE doesn't count it.
> Any way to prevent this?
> Thanks in advance

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