[GE users] How to configure one execution host for two qmasters?

Colvin, Joshua jcolvin at sfwmd.gov
Mon Jul 9 18:40:27 BST 2007

Hello all,

I am replacing some servers and wanted to install a new parallel cluster
alongside the

existing one. The qmasters will be different, but the execution nodes
(for now) will be

the same. I see everything I'd expect from both qmasters (qstat -f shows
all the nodes

I've configured for both), and I can submit jobs fine to the first
cluster I start, however

the second sge execd process refuses to start on any execution node. I
see no error

msgs anywhere (stdout, spool, /var/log/messages), but I imagine it can't
bind to an

already-used port, however I don't see where to define the port for sge
execd (not in

/etc/init.d, etc...). 


Is there any trick to getting one execution host to be a member of
multiple clusters?



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