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Iwona Sakrejda isakrejda at lbl.gov
Thu Jul 12 16:07:57 BST 2007

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I am afraid I did not describe the situation adequately:

Reuti wrote: 
> Am 12.07.2007 um 05:11 schrieb Iwona Sakrejda:
>> I would like to be able to give a privileged user to start 1 job per 
>> host and
>> it should not matter whether other jobs are running or not on those 
>> hosts.
>> I thougth about defining a queue in which only this special user can 
>> run,
>> but I have trouble restricting it to only one job that does not use a 
>> job slot.
>> I have 2 slots per host and so far each submitted job consumes one slot.
>> I am running 6.0u11.
> if you have only one queue per node (for the common users with 2 
> slots) and one special queue (with 1 slot), this should work without 
> any further adjustments (i.e. there is no need to limit the slots per 
> node in the exechost configuration). 
I have a 2 slot limit per exec host and already 2 queues - one (let's 
call it A)
with 2 slots per host and the other  (B) with just one.   With a 2 slot 
limit per execution
host I can run  AA or AB or just B and the other slow available to A or 
both empty.
Most of the jobs  from both the A and the B queues have hours long 
running time.

Now we engaged in some development work
where jobs are very short and do not consume much resources but it is 
important to run
many of them and have short turn-around time to help debugging and 
We want them to be able to start right away even when both slots on the 
host are used by jobs from either A or B queues.

> If you have more than one queue, I would suggest to look into SGE 6.1 
> resource quotas, hence an upgrade maybe the easiest way to achieve 
> this setup then.
But I just updated to 6.0u11 last Tuesday. even if I wanted to upgrade
again I need to post a 30 day warning. Is upgrading from 6.0 to 6.1 as 
easy as
applying patches within 6.0 (that worked really nice)?

Is there really no way around it?

Thank you...

> -- Reuti

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