[GE users] Sort by sequence number question

Paul MacInnis macinnis at dal.ca
Tue Jul 17 12:17:58 BST 2007

Hi Erik,

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Erik [ISO-8859-1] L?nroth wrote:

> Just when I started to get over this and return to my life, this issue
> arises again. I didn't manage to solve this and I experience almost the
> same as you do.
> It seems the scheduler sorts things alphabetically/numerically also
> within the cluster queue.
> No matter how I modify the sequence number, my node: ts101-1-0 is
> selected before ts101-1-1. The only way I could stop it was to remove
> the PE resources from the specific nodes.
> My goal is to get it like this.  [<seqno>,<node>]
> master.q - [99,ts101-1-0]
> short.q - [1,ts101-1-0  0,ts101-1-1] 
> This way the node ts101-1-1 would be filled up before ts101-1-0 would be
> - and that never happens as ts101-1-0 always fills up first (unless I
> have $round_robin which is wrong for my application.)

If I understand your problem correctly and if my alphabetic ordering 
theory is correct, you should get close to what you want by re-naming 
your "slave" cluster queue to something earlier in the alphabetic
sequence, say "aslave".


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