[GE users] Sort by sequence number question

Ravi Chandra Nallan Ravichandra.Nallan at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 18 07:22:31 BST 2007

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Hi Andreas,

Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Paul MacInnis wrote:
>> The jobs here have no -soft options but they do have load thresholds:
>> qname                 ser.q
>> hostlist              @1g.hg @2g.hg @4g.hg
>> seq_no                1965,[@2g.hg=2965],[@4g.hg=4965]
>> load_thresholds       load_avg=1.5,mem_used=500M,[@2g.hg=load_avg=1.5, \
>>                      mem_used=1.5G],[@4g.hg=load_avg=1.5,mem_used=3.5G]
>> suspend_thresholds    NONE
>> qname                 bg.q
>> hostlist              @2g.hg @4g.hg
>> seq_no                2969,[@4g.hg=4969]
>> load_thresholds       load_avg=1.5,mem_used=1.5G,[@4g.hg=load_avg=1.5, \
>>                      mem_used=3.5G]
>> suspend_thresholds    load_avg=2.5
>> Each 2G and 4G node has a ser.q and a bg.q queue instance, each with 
>> same
>> load_thresholds, but scheduler has a definite preference for the bg.q
>> instance, inspite of the higher seqno!  Perhaps in time an explanation
>> will appear ...
> Could you try whether behaviour changes anyhow when you set 
> load_thresholds
> to NONE with both queues? Just temporarily for testing purposes. Load 
> thresholds make setups always hard to survey, whereas setups without 
> load thrsholds are fairly deterministic.
> Andreas
But does load_threshold play a role in choosing the queue when the 
queue_sort_method is set seqno?
And if load_threshold were to make a queue unusable, wouldn't the q be 
set to alarm state?
Also I noticed that Erik was able to reproduce the prob with pe jobs. I 
am not sure if the array jobs had a similar problem.
I couldn't reproduce it with neither pe not array jobs, must be some 
setting that is effecting it.


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