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Nourhéne Alaya wrote:
> that's we need to share the same $SGE_ROOT directory!
> Because, each host has its own $SGE_ROOT directory...
> in one of the exe_host we find this:
> sge at parallele04:/opt/sge/default/spool$ ls
> qmaster

OK, I apologise - you wish to use local spooling, as
Mark Olesen was referring to in another post today.

There should be a directory there called /opt/sge/default/spool/paralelle04

If you look on the qmaster node, you will find that directory, which is 
created at installation time.

I would (a) create the directory on each exec host
(b) look at your permissions and ownership - the directory should be 
owned by the "sge" user.
I think your problem is that on the exec hosts the spool directory is
owned by "root"

Also, how are you handling accounts and authentication?
Are you running a NIS server on the qmaster node, or are you simply 
syncing the passwd file across to the nodes?

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