[GE users] migrating service to the shadow master host

Hugo R. Hernandez-Mora hugo.hernandez at loni.ucla.edu
Wed Jul 25 00:19:08 BST 2007

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Hello guys,
we are installing SGE v6.1 on a testing cluster (running CentOS release 4.5) and we are experiencing some problems when migrating the sgemaster from the master server to the shadow server.   We have the following message:

	prompt> /etc/init.d/sgemaster -migrate
	   shutting down qmaster and scheduler on host "server-rmn1.data" ...
	   old qmaster did not write lock file. Cannot migrate qmaster.
	   Please verify that qmaster on host server-rmn1.data is down
	   and make sure that the lock file in qmaster spool directory is

We though the problem was related to the fact we are using a NFS filesystem as spool directory.   We are mounting it as:

	server:/usr/sge  /usr/sge        nfs     defaults  0 0

previously, we were using

	server:/usr/sge  /usr/sge       nfs     rsize=49152,wsize=49152,proto=tcp,vers=3,hard   0 0

having the same result.  On the server side, we have


Do you have any hint to check what we are doing wrong?    We will appreciate it.
- Hugo

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