[GE users] gridengine 6.1 ssh integration

Nick Gresham n.gresham at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Jul 25 17:32:55 BST 2007


I've been interested in testing gridengine with the new tight ssh-integration announced here 

I downloaded the 6.1 sources and incorported openssh-4.6p1 into the 3rdparty build directory.

Having successfully compiled everyting and I'm hitting the following
problem on my newly-deployed test cluster:

ssh connections spawned by qrsh are using a random destination
port and recent versions of openssh want to record that port *in addition
to* the destination IP. So I get a message like 

	Warning: Permanently added '[node32.internal]:44658,[]:44658' 
	(RSA) to the list of known hosts

and a line in known_hosts every time I qrsh ---and this is with 

	StrictHostKeyChecking no

in my .ssh/.config.

Disregarding the annoyance of the warning one could envisage known_hosts 
eventually becoming 'unfeasably large' if one were to qrsh thousands
of jobs. (Some of my users are in the habit of doing this).

Is there a workaround (still using ssh)? I have tried things with
HostKeyAlias, without much luck.

I appreciate that ssh tight-integration is still experimental, but if
anyone's got some suggestions I'd be more than happy to try them out and
report back.

Thanks in advance.


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