[GE users] ARCo postgres database growth

Jana Olivova Jana.Olivova at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 26 14:36:29 BST 2007

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The growth is normal, there is large amount of data being generated. it also depends what report_variables have you configured to be reported. In qconf -me global

There are default delete rules that are configured in $SGE_ROOT/dbwriter/database/<db_name>/dbwriter.xml

You can change the frequency of the deletes and other subscope attributes to tailor it to your needs to delete exactly what you need and how often.

You can learn more on configuring the delete rules in the Administration Guide.


Refer to section Deleting Outdated Records.


Jana Olivova

Michael Phillips wrote: 

	The number of jobs that we are running is about 10,000 per week



	From: Michael Phillips [mailto:Michael.Phillips at csr.com] 
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	To: users at gridengine.sunsource.net
	Subject: [GE users] ARCo postgres database growth


	Hi All,


	Have recently installed ARCo v6.0 u11 on Solaris 10 x64 with a postgres database.


	The rate of growth of the postgres database is about 500 Mb a day in the week and 200 Mb a day on weekends, giving a weekly growth figure of around 3 Gb.


	 Is this rate of growth normal or is something going wrong.


	If this is normal is there any housekeeping that I can do, I could not find anything in the documentation.






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