[GE users] DBWriter dies nightly

Jana Olivova Jana.Olivova at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 26 14:44:40 BST 2007

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The DBWriter does not only insert the data in the database but also 
parses the reporting file. This is a continuous parse/insert operation. 
If it cannot insert the data it cannot parse them and it will die. The 
DBW does not store the data anywhere then the database. The data are 
stored in the reporting file, which is generated by the qmaster.  If you 
stop the dbwriter while you are doing the db backup, there ares till 
data being written to the reporting file and once the DBW is started 
again it will parse the file and insert all the data, if it the db is 
running of course.

Jana Olivova

Pat Cable wrote:
> I like DBWriter, however I haven't been able to get it to work for 
> more than a night. I get this out of dbwriter.log:
> 25/07/2007 
> 12:07:51|grid64|bwriter.ReportingException.log|E|Database.closeFailed
> com.sun.grid.reporting.dbwriter.ReportingException: Database.closeFailed
> com.sun.grid.reporting.dbwriter.db.Database.createSQLError(Database.java:342) 
> com.sun.grid.reporting.dbwriter.db.Database.executeQuery(Database.java:503) 
> com.sun.grid.reporting.dbwriter.db.DatabaseObjectManager.executeQuery(DatabaseObjectManager.java:210) 
> com.sun.grid.reporting.dbwriter.ReportingValueManager.getLastEntryTime(ReportingValueManager.java:104) 
> com.sun.grid.reporting.dbwriter.ReportingStatisticManager.getNextCalculation(ReportingStatisticManager.java:127) 
> com.sun.grid.reporting.dbwriter.ReportingDBWriter$StatisticThread.run(ReportingDBWriter.java:700) 
>                              Caused by 
> org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: An I/O error has occured while 
> flushing the output - Exception: java.net.SocketException: Broken pipe
> Stack Trace:
>   <<tons of stuff here I'll send if necessary>>
> Even if the database goes away, isn't the whole idea of DBWriter to 
> stay alive while the DB is down and write stuff later? Anyone else 
> having this problem?

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