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Rod.Rebello at Microchip.com Rod.Rebello at Microchip.com
Fri Jul 27 23:12:15 BST 2007

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Thanks, Andreas.  Just caught up with the discussion you and Mark have been having on this.  I think this is on the right track.  I also thought that integrating qlicserver into the solution would be best, and had started thinking about how it might be adapted to handle this situation.  For now, I'm going to evaluate the RTDA product solution.  Their demo seems to indicate it meets our need, and was developed for the EDA market.  If it doesn't work out, I will pick up on your ideas.

- Rod

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Hi Rod,

I just uploaded the outcome of a proof-of-concept I worked on in 2005


although it is a very rude script solution, but I blieve it does what you ask for. It consists of two bourne-sh building blocks:

(1) The 'juggler_remote' script is launched repeatedly via rsh as to (a) measure each clusters license demand by simply parsing qstat output (b) measure how many license are in use at a time and (c) adjust the amount of global licenses for a cluster.

(2) The 'juggler' script is the component that decides how many licenses shall be available at each cluster. It's decision is based on license utilization and demand of each cluster and a set of simple policies. Policies are simply kept a 'gobal_policies' file and per-cluster 'policies' files and essentially allow three different parameters can be specified for each license

     * the maximum amount available enterprise-wide
     * the minimum amount that shall always be available at a local
       cluster irrespective of the actual load situation
     * the maximum amount as an upper limit for each local cluster

actual heart component of the 'juggler' is a small C program (schedule.c) which that a round robin license assignment. Actually I had liked to write it also in bourne-shell, but then it turned out to be too complicated.

In terms of boundary conditions the only requirement is that some kind of rsh can be run from the host where 'juggler' runs to hosts where 'juggler_remote'
is run for each cluster.

In case of local cluster maintainace shutdown 'juggler_remote' neither can retrieve new information about license demand/utilization nor is it possible to apply the most recent license share entitlement to the cluster. The same is true in case of partial network outages. License juggler tries to take that into account by assuming the most recent information about license demand/utilization still would be valid. Aside of this license juggler simply continues operation to ensure license sharing amongst reachable clusters is not interrupted.


On Fri, 13 Jul 2007, Rod.Rebello at Microchip.com wrote:

> I think you misunderstood.  We also use your qlicserver to monitor license usage at each site so global licenses aren't oversubscribed.  However, we want to manage the license queuing globally across sites with some form of fair share allocation strategy.  Right now, we can only do this on a local basis.  We don't want any one site to monopolize the licenses.  We have sites in India, USA, and Europe sharing the same licenses.  RTDA says they have a configurable multiqueuing capability that will fairly allocate the licenses across grid sites.
> - Rod
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> Subject: RE: [GE users] Runtime Design Automation?
>> I know this is somewhat off-topic, but has anyone heard of or use the
> queuing system from Runtime Design
>> Automation (RTDA), www.rtda.com?  They claim to have a few features 
>> not
> available in SGE that we have been
>> looking for, such as global license queuing management between sites. 
>> Any
> feedback appreciated, especially
>> as to how it compares to SGE.
> Since all our licenses are monitored by the qlicserver, we use the 'qlic'
> query (packaged as part of qlicserver) to check the current license usage, and simply parse the accounting file (for number of cpu, run-time, etc) to assess historical usage.
> I believe Reuti has also posted an analysis script here before.
> The ARCO tools might also provide what you are looking for.
> /mark
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