[GE users] Runtime Design Automation?

Johnny Layne laynejg at vcu.edu
Mon Jul 30 15:48:46 BST 2007

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hye everyone,
    I'm playing around with mpich2, running some VASP jobs.  I'm 
noticing that occasionally some rsh processes become zombies, anybody 
else seeing this?  Right now I suspect it's possibly due to not using a 
job-specific .smpd file, I'm going to play around & see if creating a 
specific one for each job seems to help.  So I wonder if launching a 
bunch of these jobs in quick succession is causing problems when the 
jobs finish & the .smpd has changed.

    I've got everything set up following Reuti's tight integration with 
mpich 2 
and in general it works great, I've just noticed this happening a couple 
times, and couldn't find (so far) any similar postings in the mailing 
list archive.

    I could add this guy's solution to my stopmpich2.sh to kill any 
zombies I suppose:  
or do something along those lines anyway in the kill code.

    It's not a big problem for me as I'll hunt down zombie processes & 
kill 'em, but I hardly trust our users to do that when we turn this 
stuff loose to them!  Thanks for any advice & info in advance.  I'll 
continue playing around with things & post if something seems to work.

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