Invitation for Sun Grid Engine Workshop Sep 10-12

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     Invitation for Sun Grid Engine Workshop 2007, Regensburg, Germany

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Engine open source project. For any questions about this email please
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Dear user of the Grid Engine software,

perhaps you have already heard about our free Sun Grid Engine workshop? We
welcome your attendance and we appreciate if you are interested in giving a
talk about the software or deployment of grid related technologies and grid
setups in your organization. Please find below all information about the

Andy Schwierskott
Sun Microsystems


                     Sun Grid Engine Workshop 2007
                 September 10-12, Regensburg, Germany

The Sun Grid Engine team is pleased to invite you to the third

    Sun Grid Engine Workshop
    Regensburg, Germany
    September 10-12, 2007
    Sorat-Insel Hotel

There is no attendance fee for the event. Lunches and one dinner are
sponsored by Sun Microsystems. The registration web site is now open:

About the Workshop
The workshop offers a venue for exchanging experiences among users, discuss
needs with their peers and for getting in direct touch with the developers
to give feedback and to receive an update on the most recent and coming

Who Should Attend
    * Users and administrators of the Sun Grid Engine product or open
      source technology Grid Engine
    * Individuals or organizations
       o being interested in exploring utilization of the Grid Engine
       o integrating or planning to integrate their own technology with
         Grid Engine (e.g. ISVs or research projects).
       o having a need to improve utilization of computational resources
         or to reduce the time required for business or project critical
       o wanting to learn about Grid Computing and one of the most
         advanced, most commonly used and most robust technologies in
         this space.

Location, Agenda and Contact Information
The Sun Grid Engine Workshop 2007 will be hosted in the medieval city of
Regensburg (recently named UNESCO World Heritage City) in the Sorat-Insel
Hotel at the river Danube.

Information about the draft agenda, hotel and transportation can be found at
the registration web site:

Please check the website again for regular updates of the agenda. If you are
interested in delivering a talk, please email a short abstract to

    andy.schwierskott at

For any further assistance, please contact the coordinators by email at

    sge-workshop2007-ext at

About Grid Engine
The Grid Engine technology from Sun Microsystems is a well established
policy-based workload management software which is designed to run compute
resource intensive applications and services for financial, business,
engineering and research organizations in even the largest grids. The Sun
Grid Engine software is the commercial version of the open source Grid
Engine project.

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