[GE users] Default queues

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Wed Jun 6 12:21:06 BST 2007


> We have a number of queues set up, for what we define as batch (where a
> whole cpu is designated to a job) and interactive (where multiple jobs
> "share a cpu").
> For the most part we use qsub -q <queue name>, and all is well... but we
> have a few users who "forget" to use the -q option to qsub, and so their
> jobs are put on the wrong queues.
> Is there a method to either:
> 1.	To force the specification of a queue

You could set the "qname" complex attribute to "FORCED" - however in my
short test I've seen that it seems it does not honor the "-q" switch (only
the "-l q=...". A job requesting a queue with "-q" is not scheduled. (I
think this is a bug).

> 2.	To have a default queue, that unspecified jobs get put to

You could set a default by using a default "-q" switch in the
<sge-root>/<cell>/comon/sge_request file. Simplest would be to specify an
invalid queuename since job wil be rejected at submit time:

echo trolo.q >> $SGE_ROOT/default/common/sge_request
% qsub ...
Unable to run job: Job was rejected because job requests unknown queue "trolo.q".


> I look forward to your combined wisdom.
> Many thanks
> Colin Thomas
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